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Test with Agility

  • Eradicate manual and automated testing bottlenecks
  • Detect more defects first time round
  • Rigorously test fast-changing systems


Reduction in Test Scripting Time

Test Modeller reduces time spent coding automated test scripts.


Faster Optimised Test Case Design

Test Modeller automatically generates Optimised test cases with matching test data.


Quicker Test Maintenance

Test Modeller auto-updates test cases, automation scripts and test data as systems change.

Made for Testers

Rigorously test complex applications in-sprint, generating coverage optimised tests and data from easy-to-maintain flowcharts.

1 - Model

Capture the functionality of complex systems using a range of accelerators and importers.

2 - Generate

Generate an optimal set of automated test cases into your automation frameworks and Continuous Integration Pipelines.

3 - Update

Rigorously test fast-changing applications, rapidly updating automated tests and data.

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Agile Models. Rapidly react to change.

Model complex functionality as complete flowcharts in-sprint, using a comprehensive range of importers, scanners, and a UI recorder.

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Maximise test coverage. Test more with less.

Automatically generate the smallest set of test cases needed to exhaustively test complex systems, or focus testing on new and critical functionality.

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Find and Make Data. On demand data for every test.

Define and generate realistic synthetic data for every possible test, using a comprehensive range of easy-to-use data generation functions.

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Simple test automation. Anyone can do it.

Automatically generate a complete set of automated tests and data from visual models that are quick to build and easy to maintain.

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One Tool To Rule Them All

A single pane of glass over your DevOps toolchain.

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